Hand Balancing


In this solo act, the performer grips canes connected to the floor and balances herself only on her hands. She contorts herself in various poses that demonstrate flexibility and strength.



  • The scooters they roll on at the beginning of the act are used to move about underneath the stage.


Cast Changes:

North American Arena Tour:

  • Anna Ostapenko

South American Tour:

  • Olga Pikhienko
  • Ariunsanaa Bataa

Second European Tour:

  • Olga Pikhienko
  • Jinny Jacinto

Mexican Tour:

  • Olga Pikhienko

Asian Tour:

  • Olga Pikhienko

Third North American Tour:

  • Olga Pikhienko

Australia-Pacific Tour:

  • Marina Trouchina

Western Canada Tour:

  • Marina Trouchina

Japan Tour:

  • Marina Trouchina

Second North American Tour:

*No handbalancing. Was replaced by hoops manipulation. See Manipulation.

First European Tour:

  • Olga Pikhienko
  • Jinny Jessica Jacinto (Joined in middle of tour)

First North American Tour:

  • Olga Pikhienko

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  1. Hi, this is Circusm139 from CirqueTrube. Anyway, was the original costume for the handbalancing act was a blue dress with those boots? If it was, wow, Cirque deffiantly needed a HUGE costume upgrade

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