German Wheel


The german wheel was invented in 1925 by Otto Feick. The solo artist for this act is dressed in a thematic bowler hat, colorful dreadlock type hair, and a shredded looking leotard.  He performs all sorts of spins, rotations, and feats with the wheel.


Incantation (Track 2 in album)


  • The father is carrying a suitcase in the background. The suitcase will open and a pink balloon will fly out.



North American Arena Tour:

  • Cory Paul Sylvester

South American Tour

  • Cory Paul Sylvester

Second European Tour

  • Cory Paul Sylvester

Mexican Tour

  • Cory Paul Sylvester

Asian Tour

  • Cory Paul Sylvester

Third North American Tour:

  • Cory Paul Sylvester

Australia-Pacific Tour:

  • Shayne Courtright

Western Canada Tour:

  • Shayne Courtright

Japan Tour:

  • Shayne Courtright
  • Kristofer Carrison

Second North American Tour:

  • Chris Lashua- Miami, FL to Detroit, MI
  • Shayne Courtright- Detroit, MI to St. Petersburg, FL

European Tour:

  • Chris Lashua
  • Benjamin Kahan (Joined in middle of tour)

First North American Tour:

  • Chris Lashua

(Note: Back-up act for german wheel during this tour was Aerial Straps performed by Jano Chiasson)