This act fits with the youthful theme of the show. Four young girls from china dressed almost like tin toys perform with whistling diabolos more commonly known as chinese yo-yo’s.  They perform various tricks and toss the diabolos in amongst eachother. Zoe enters in the middle of the act and sings a short song.  At the end of their act, they spin the diabolos to a very high speed. The music dies down so the audience can hear them whistling rather loudly.  They loop them around long strings that are suspended all the way up to the top of the tent and the diabolos spin all the way to the top.


Enfants d’acier (Steel Children) (bonus track)



Cast Changes:

North American Arena Tour:

  • Wei Liang Lin

South American Tour:

  • Sang Jing
  • Li Na
  • Sang Ning
  • Juang Wangdong

Second European Tour:

  • Incomplete

Mexican Tour:

  • Incomplete

Asian Tour:

  • Incomplete

Third North American Tour:

  • Gu Mingxin
  • Li Anna
  • Sun Tong
  • Sun Xin

Australia-Pacific Tour:

  • Incomplete

Western Canada Tour:

  • Incomplete

Japan Tour:

  • Lu Lu
  • Liu Sisi
  • Xiaoshuang Wang
  • Zhao Wenjuan

Second North American Tour:

  • Ge Yi
  • Han Bing
  • Li Qianqian
  • Xi Huijuan

European Tour:

  • Han Bing (second half)
  • Xue Huijuan (second half)
  • Li Qianqian (second half)
  • Ge Yi (second half)
  • Wu Di (first half)
  • Siqi Yuan (first half)
  • Xue Zhao (first half)
  • Xin Zhao (first half)

First North American Tour:

  • Qing Liu
  • Xiaojing Liu
  • Yu Wang
  • Meng Xie