Cloud Swing


The cloud swing is similar to a swinging trapeze except that it consists of only a rope with both ends connected to the ceiling to form a “V”. The solo artist swings back and forth executing difficult flips and spins while the character Boum-Boum (covered in a net) watches from below. This is the only act that requires a safety wire due to the risk factor of the act.



  • Watch for the guitarist perform a solo on stage with a violin bow.


Cast Changes:

North American Arena Tour:

  • Christy Shelper
  • Emmaline Piatt

[Source: North American Tour Program]

South American Tour:

  • Donna Stevens

Second European Tour:

  • Donna Stevens

Mexican Tour:

  • Donna Stevens

Asian Tour:

  • Donna Stevens

Third North American Tour:

  • Donna Stevens

Australia-Pacific Tour:

  • Donna Stevens

Western Canada Tour:

  • Donna Stevens

Japan Tour:

  • Natalie Harris
  • Donna Stevens

Second North American Tour:

  • Natalie Harris

First European Tour:

  • Fatima Hedman
  • Christy Shelper (Joined in middle of tour)

First North American Tour:

  • Petra Sprecher