Aerial Contortion in Silk


Aerial contortion in silk is a discipline in which an artist performs aerial acrobatics while intertwined with a strong but flexible material.  In Quidam it is performed by a woman in a nude leotard with red silks.  The act is very emotional. It is an internal struggle portrayed in a visual manner.   The music begins slow with “Let me fall” sung by the male vocalist in cirquish.  When his song finishes, the act quickly accelerates as the performer lets loose and reaches the climax.  During this act the mother silently observes. Perhaps this is her own inner struggle. When the performer gives up and descends to the ground, the mother and two other women dressed similarly carry her away.

The routine for this act varies depending on the performer.  Some performers will actually give the illusion of hanging themselves.


Let Me Fall (Track 6)


  • Isabelle Chassé’s hair coming undone during the fast sequence  began as a mistake during a performance. But they liked it and kept it from then on.


Cast Changes:

North American Arena Tour:

  • Julie Cameron
  • Tanya Burka

South American Tour:

  • Isabelle Vaudelle
  • Oksana Pylypchuk

Second European Tour:

  • Isabelle Vaudelle
  • Anna Venizelos

Mexican Tour:

  • Isabelle Vaudelle
  • Anna Venizelos

Asian Tour:

  • Anastasiya Nasridinova

Third North American Tour:

  • Anna Venizelos

Australia-Pacific Tour:

  • Isabelle Vaudelle

Western Canada Tour:

  • Isabelle Vaudelle

Japan Tour:

  • Isabelle Vaudelle
  • Marie-Michelle Faber

Second North American Tour:

  • Isabelle Vaudelle (rotate)
  • Isabelle Chassé (rotate)

European Tour:

  • Isabelle Chassé
  • Isabelle Vaudelle (rejoined in middle of tour)

First North American Tour:

  • Isabelle Vaudelle

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  1. Do you have any footage from Isabelle Vaudelle’s act? I am trying to find atleast some footage from it!

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