An Apology

Dear Visitors,

I apologize for my prolonged absence. Like many of you, I have a number of commitments in addition to the every day work life, and I have let this website drop greatly in priority. The show, Quidam, and all of the people who have made it what it is throughout the years are still very close to my heart and I sincerely want to provide an accurate and thorough archive of the production as well as a platform for performers and musicians involved with the show a place to promote their more recent projects.

Quidam will be closing, unfortunately, in just a little more than a month, on February 26th in Christchurch, New Zealand. Although the show is almost 20 years old, it still sends a relevant message and continues to inspire so many. 20 years isn’t enough. Alas, the good thing is that its impending closure gives me the motivation to continue my work on this website and give it the attention that I believe it deserves.

Please feel free to contact me through the comments if you have any suggestions for the website, questions, or information that I have missed.

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