I haven’t disappeared!

I am so sorry to those of you who frequent my site for my lack of updates. I wish I had a good excuse, but it is simply my busy life and putting my priorities in a different order.  I did want to post something quick today. Which is the fact that the Diabolo act has changed costumes for the arena tour. I am assuming this is because it is now performed by adults than children (since arena shows can’t have schools).  Here is a photo from a performance in Vancouver. What are your thoughts on the costume change? I personally am not the biggest fan.  The old costumes portrayed the performers as tin men like characters..which helped the show portray the “Wizard of Oz” fantasy world impression.  Also, the Diabolos are meant to follow the children’s games theme.  i just wonder if they could have chosen something more youthful or a closer representation of the old costumes. Click the photo for more.