Statue as performed by La Vision

With my other post about the statue act, I thought I would bring attention to this video posted by La Vision (Richard Jecsmen and Yana Semilet). If you compare the performances you will see quite a few differences (and similarities). ┬áThis group, also seen on the DVD but with Carmita Lorador, uses full body makeup…which I think really enhances the effect of the act. They have some different moves, in particular I notice they do not do what I call the diamond pose where they are in the standing position with the woman upside down balancing on each other’s shoulders and symmetrically lift (or lower) one leg to create almost a diamond shape.

2 thoughts on “Statue as performed by La Vision

  1. Carmita Lorador was not performed a La Vision duo alone…!
    I am not Sorry for exposing your bias….! There was and Is another PERSON ,
    Who actually choreographed other acts and and also evelutionized La Vision from 1995 and which choreography was stolen by Cirque du Soleil,Quidam DVD.
    Thank you for keeping the truth alive!

    • Mr. Jecsmen, yes, You performed on the DVD with Carmita Lorador, I think you lost something in the translation of my post. No it was not a solo and that is not what I said in this post. Sorry for your confusion.

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