Statue as performed by La Vision

With my other post about the statue act, I thought I would bring attention to this video posted by La Vision (Richard Jecsmen and Yana Semilet). If you compare the performances you will see quite a few differences (and similarities).  This group, also seen on the DVD but with Carmita Lorador, uses full body makeup…which I think really enhances the effect of the act. They have some different moves, in particular I notice they do not do what I call the diamond pose where they are in the standing position with the woman upside down balancing on each other’s shoulders and symmetrically lift (or lower) one leg to create almost a diamond shape.

Another Arena Transition Article

This article is from December 11th about the management that goes on behind the scenes of a cirque show.  There is mention of Quidam’s transition:

Surprisingly, he said, except for redesigning a lighter, quick-to-assemble set, Quidam didn’t require major alterations for its arena shift.

The size of the cast remains the same, although the clown act has been pared down from three performers to one (Toto, doing numbers created by David Shiner).

Most of the changes were technical, he said. It was the five-rail ceiling track, or telepherique, that posed the biggest challenge. At the big top, it crossed the entire tent, which isn’t possible in an arena. “What we did is cut a section of the telepherique, and we raised it so that it’s more open, allowing a bigger view of the stage,” he said.

Maintaining sound quality for the multi-layered soundtrack was another challenge. In the tent, Quidam had surround sound. “We have to adapt in each arena because the acoustics will be different,” he said.

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Quidam Arena

I hope everyone is having or has had a great holiday! Hopefully I can use this time to make some much needed updates.

First I want to say that if you are or were a performer in Quidam and find any false information or photos that you would like taken down. Please contact me and let me know, I will gladly make necessary changes. I strive for accuracy with this website and only hope to promote your careers, not hinder.

Quidam has officially left the grand chapiteau and is now in stadium format only.  There have so far been performances in Kingston, ON and Montreal, QC.  I think the biggest question about this transition is what changes will we see to the show and how will it affect the overall experience?  So far I have heard that images of clouds that were projected on to the big top, which contributed greatly to the setting and ambiance are no more.

Here is a great article from the Montreal Gazette prior to their premiere at the Bell Centre that brings attention to the question of the show’s intimacy.  

[Photo Source: Montreal Gazette]