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While going through the recent press videos and video clips of Quidam on youtube, I came across something peculiar. Look at :55 seconds in of this video:

This is the Petit Salon opening sequence of the show. But something is off. Zoe is sitting and facing John instead of the audience. Also, she is wearing the hat and it falls off as she stands up. It is then that the scene around her begins to drift away (her parents, the rug, etc.) Then John takes the bowler hat from her as she attempts to put it on again. This is extremely bizarre because it is a central turning point in the scene that when she places the hat on her head for the first time she is transported into the world of Quidam. Is this a mistake? Did they change the choreography?

Here is another press video from Chile. As you will see :44 seconds in, the choreography is the original way:

This leads me to believe that the choreogaphy in the first video is a fluke and perhaps they had to improvise.
But then again…

Two more videos to look at. In this clip, you don’t see the actual transition but you will notice that John is holding her bowler hat at :16 seconds in.

Finally, here is a clip from the DVD to give you a better idea of the earlier choreography. The moment starts about 2:35 in:

So in the end I have no idea if they have made some changes to the opening or not. I think it is a central plot point that Zoe’s bowler hat is what brought her into the world of Quidam and she should therefore continue to wear it until she returns it to Quidam at the closing.

Do the readers have any thoughts or input? I welcome discussion!

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  1. Hi there!,I’m glad to find “my videos” in this place 😛 . Now, according to the first and third video(both videos were recorded in the dress rehearsal) they improvised because Ella Bangs had a accident (health problems) on the stage, so they put one of the “Zöe´s girls” to replace Ella…I think that the “new Zoe” didn’t know her movements or was nervous…

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