Quidam in Zurich

Since I first saw Quidam in 1998, I have accumulated a lot of artifacts through various means. My brother spent a semester traveling through Europe and crossed paths with Quidam when they were in Zürich during their first European tour. Though he didn’t attend the show, he did pick me up a brochure.  I especially like this brochure because of the great photo of Andrea Ziegler as Fritz. Keep checking back, I will be posting more rare finds in the coming days and weeks!  Click on the jump to see the other side of the brochure and click on the images for a closer view.

One thought on “Quidam in Zurich

  1. That’s really cool! I never knew that Fritz could be played by a female! I prefer Matt Baker as the part, he was the one in the DVD. I’m hoping to go see the show either in August or October, when it comes to PA. Although Chris, Matt, John, Elena K., and Olga aren’t performing anymore, I’ve still been DYING to see the show! I’m a lot like Zoe, except for the fact that she can do a split xD I’m 13, and I’ve never been more inspired in my life. I wish that you would post more often, because I truly do enjoy reading them. Cirque du Soleil is my life, and Quidam is ultimately the very best of their shows. I’d love to stay in contact with you, my email is shmoolover165@gmail.com 🙂

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